Office Affair

$ 29.95

A Turkish Daddy Fucks Like This

Starring: Amarko, Erik
Amarko is an aggressive top stud who preys in men of all ages. His performances are second to none and the fact that he is an actor in real life makes his scenes even more interesting. Check out this Daddy in action


Office Affair

Starring: Muller, Nick Bay
It is a special day at the office, Muller has been transferred to headquarters After the farewell party one of his closest friends stays over to help gather his belongings .This is Daddy's last chance to fuck the guy he always wanted Silver Fox Muller is going to enjoy this hot jock hunk once and for all . Go for it Daddy fuck this Man.


Fuck My Latino Stut Hole

Starring: Max Wolf, Anando
These two go at it like we like it. Anando is a quiet daddy but when he is around a hot ass he goes on an attack mood. Hot, hairy and talented Anado is a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful cock, beautiful man.


Peter Fulton Fucks Scott Reynolds

Starring: Peter Fulton, Scott Reynolds
These two guys were ready to party hard the minute they saw each other. Scott Reynolds master bareback sex scenes like nobody else we've seen in action. When it was Peter's turn, he proves more than up to the challenge.


Lean and Mean Hunk Fucks Daddy

Starring: Aslan, Zeus
Learns what happens when an older man is crazy about a young hunk. Aslan fell in love with this young lad who is build like a brickshit house. He is all into himself and his physique, which is fine. But despite that daddy figures out a strategy to get a his ass fucked really good and taught this youngster more than one thing about sex in the process.


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