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Paint Job

Starring: Ezequiel, Miles Rocca
Ezequiel and a helper landed a job with a temporary agency to paint an office after hours. Ezequiel is in charge of the job, he basically let the kid do the majority of the work. At one point he says: "cool there is a computer here I am going to watch some porn". He starts watching a straight flick, at one point he calls his helper and said, check out the big tits on that blonde” his helper replies: "I like the hairy older guy who is fucking her" . Big silence and E went in to attack mode. Great seeing E back, he now kisses and fucks like the rest of ass. One of these days we are going to have his ass rimmed, that would be a dream cum true. He has the best ass in the porn industry ;-)


I Always Wanted this

Starring: Bobbie Carusso, Daddy Dean
A young lad is in love with Daddy Dean, makes his dream comes true. "I can't believe this" , he told us when he found out that he was to be on Daddy dean's massage table. Wow sir, I see you have an enormous erection! He strokes Dean's rock solid cock and gives him head before he takes it in. Without any further hesitation the boy felt him jump onto the table, straddle me, and plunge his still-hard daddy cock deep into his ass. After the first shudder of pain he felt so hot and good. This is a 40-minute video HOT HOT video.


You Work, I Play

Starring: Miles Rocca, Chef Francis
In an older-younger relationship usually Daddy is the bread winner, the one who goes out and works his ass off to maintain the spoiled younger guy. Chef Francis comes home after work and finds his boy playing candy crush on his mobile phone. Francis is exhausted goes takes a shower. Miles asked him if he wants a massage to relax, he claims on top of him and he starts to work on him. Miles fucks the living shit out of the bitch Daddy ass.



Starring: Gonzalo,Javier
It is tough to fight with your daddy, but making up and finding out that the fire is still there is really gratifying. Make-up sex brings wild and extremely gratifying sex after having had an intense fight. Javier and Gonzalo are about to experience it . The boy has had sex with another daddy and Javier got upset. After talking about it, Daddy understood that he is young and full of cum and he needs to experience new things. He forgave him and they got together for a great reconciliation fuck.


Silver Fox Chronicles

Starring: Pierre, Dario
Ana is visiting an old friend with her son. Pierre used to be her lover but now they are just good friends. How mature is your son! , he says. Yes he is a gentleman now. He just tuned eighteen and he is handsome and intelligent like his mother, Ana says. Dario and Pierre they look at each other and they both can see that something clicked. Ana indicated to Pierre that she needs to go to downtown to see her accountant. Can Dario stay with you for a couple of hours? "of course" the grandpa says. As soon as she leaves, they are both entangled in a passionate sex session.


Make Room For Daddy

Starring: Tony Da Rimma, Pietro, Jay Conrad
It is Monday afternoon at the gay resort. The playroom at the gay resort it is almost empty. Two hot guys start touching, kissing and sucking each other cocks. One is a skinny twink the other one is a more mature guy with a big fat dick. A muscle Daddy bear gets into the action. He does not say much. He likes to get it in the ass and Jay Conrad wants his ass. The action gets hotter as they take turns to fuck and suck. Daddy added a good balance to the action. The boys are happy that they made room for this horny muscle Daddy who got their rocks off big time.


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