Ride Sharing Driver in Need

$ 29.95

Ride sharing Driver In Need

Starring: Dylan, Victorino
Being a ride sharing Driver means you are your own boss. Drivers are supposed to be professional and avoid getting sexually involved with their customers but sometimes they cannot help breaking the rules and say yes to the chance to fuck a hot hunky horny commuter.


Daddy All-Stars

Starring: Kenso, Michello
Two Hot Daddy Bears, Daddy Kenso and Michelo decide to start the weekend early. A few drinks and then some stripping down for some naked fun. Daddy Kenso needs to have his cock sucked after a long week and Michelo is happy to oblige. Once the sucking starts there is no way to stop these sweaty bears from having fun. With his dick rock hard Kenso’s big meat is horny for some bear ass and he uses it over and over again!!!.


You'll Love It

Starring: Lord Lickalot, Wild Horse
There is nothing better than to kick off the new year two super new hot daddies. Wild horse, a hot daddy who only likes older guys, had found him self a new fuck buddy. Lord Lickalot is so excited to start a new career doing porn videos and the best part is that he loved mature guys as well. On the year of our 19th anniversary a Daddy-loving- a-daddy scene for everyone. Happy 2017!


The Evaluation

Starring: Don Diego, Erik, Marvin
How would you like to have your boyfriend finds a trainer just for you? Don Diego knows the boy likes older men so he found the hunkiest daddy he could find. Of course, there were more to the offer and they three of them ended up having a hot three way where Erick was on the receiving end of a lot of daddy dick.


Older Men Masseur

Starring: Angus, Frederick
When O4M Daddy Frederick wants to get a massage he prefers older men who have the experience of hitting all the right spots. He was thrilled to find Southern Daddy Angus- Hot, Horny and Hung. Nothing relaxes Frederick more than sucking a thick cock, having his muscles rubbed and a big thick dong sliding into his Daddy hole to release the stress of the day.


Elliot Jack Off

Starring: Elliot
He had a rough life but he still likes to beat his meat. He knows that guys go crazy with his thick cock. A man of a few words , he let his dick do the talking.


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