The Producer has No Clue

$ 29.95

The Producer has No Clue

Starring: Muller, Joaquin
Joaquin is going to see a new producer. He makes him believe that is his first time doing a porn flick. He just wants to fuck this daddy, a hot Silver fox. During an interview, the porn producer explained how the games works: " You need to partner with an older man. Are you OK with that?" Joaquin outwardly cringed but couldn't believe it was a serious question. So he slow-wittedly let the producer guide him thru "Sex with older men 101" despite the fact he is an expert in the subject.


Furry Fucker

Starring: Luar, Rock
Daddy Rock does play around. He tells the new hire at the office that his ex lover was going to stop by to pick up some DVD of his and he does not want to see him. The new hire was so surprised to find out he was gay and he let him know he was available too. That is all it took for Daddy to be all over his ass. Rocky is rough but we love the way he does it. and the boys too.


Search Warrant

Starring: Eduardo, Joaquin, Videlo
I have never seen Joaquin so desperate as when the officer delivered him a search warrant. It looks like city officials finally caught up with him. Now he has has to persuade the officer to let him off the hook. Once he hints he would let the officer use his hot ass, the officer calls for back up and now he is in real trouble as a second officer wants a piece of the action. Great fantasy scene: two daddies and a young hunk.


The Superintendent

Starring: Luiggi, Luar
Luiggi got a job as a building superintendent. He has the ability to make friends very easily with the people who work there . He has ladies and guys he fucks on a weekly basis on every floor, but he is always looking for new adventures. He is called to an office he has never been called before and finds a young fellow watching porn during working hours. he offered to help out, Luiggi's dick is always ready.


Brad Kalvo Fucks Bobby

Starring: We just love putting together older-younger couples who love sex. After getting fucked by Berker and taking that massive cock, Bobby begged us to pair him with Brad. BObby likes them beefy and hairy and he knows that he loves making porn because he just loves fucking. Despite the fact weuse every day guys on oir scenes ,once in a while, we get a big name talent like Brad Kalvo and Falcon porn model Booby. The result was just spectacular, these two guys connected right away. Bobby was pleased to service Brad. He kept saying "I can't believe I have you all for me, go ahead and use my hole as you please , Daddy".


I Want More, Daddy

Starring: Marvin, Joaquin
Young guys are always horny. Marvin was reading the paper like all daddies like to do on Sunday morning when Joaquin, his partner, started fondling with him, trying to convince him to have sex. Daddy finally gets tired of the advances and fucks him good, as Joaquin enjoys it. This is Marvin's first video and it won't be the last, what a hot Daddy!


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