The Quintessential Daddy

$ 29.95

I Love Big Dicks

Starring: Gabriel Dalessandro, Nathaniel
O4M Daddy Bear Nathaniel has one of the thickest dicks we have ever seen. He cruises hookup sites posting picture of his beer can size dong. It did not take long for horny bottom Gabriel to hit him back...


The Quintessential Daddy Fuck

Starring: Frederick, Gabriel Dalessandro
If there is a manual showing how daddies like to be fucked, this video would be pretty much it.. A relentless pounding that left our friend daddy Frederick wondering if he would ever get a fuck like this ever again.


Oral Expert

Starring: Blazer , Gabriel
This British Daddy came was a big surprise, handsome and hot.. On his model application he indicated he was the best cock sucker in Palm Springs. Gabriel put him to the test and he passed with flying colors.


Coping With a Sore Muscle

Starring: Aslan, Maxon
After starting back at the gym, this hot, bottom Daddy is in need of the old Asian Art of getting a good deep fucking to ease his muscle tension. Daddy is not afraid to take that thrusting medicine nice and hard.


Mighty Fuck

Starring: Gabriel, Thor
A match made in Daddy heaven. Daddy is fucking a Daddy lover who is 40 years younger than him That works for us just fine. Gabriel is our favorite Daddy fucker. Thor is our new favorite daddy.


Your Muscles Love My Dick

Starring: Igor, Victorino
Daddy wanted a muscle boy and we got for him. He met a model broker that could supply many guys for him to try out. Watch as he fuck and abuse this horny muscle boy in his 20's . Welcome back Hot Daddy.


Bonus Scene: It's Huge !!!

Starring: Cecill, Lombardo
There some older men who are tough to handle. We always enjoy watching these ladies who came to film and they think it will be a walk in the park. Then Daddy pulls out and... now they have to deal with a power fuck.


Bonus Scene: I Will Show You a Good Time

Starring: Mauricio, Danubio
This month we welcome Mauricio. Definitely a hot daddy with lots of talents for porn. Watching him in action with this hot stud will drive crazy. A must see scene. Please join us welcome Daddy Mauricio to the BOD team.


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