The Superintendent

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The Superintendent

Starring: Luiggi, Luar
Luiggi got a job as a building superintendent. He has the ability to make friends very easily with the people who work there. He has ladies and guys he fucks on a weekly basis on every floor, but he is always looking for new adventures. He is called to an office he has never been called before and finds a young fellow watching porn during working hours. he offered to help out, Luiggi's dick is always ready.


Luiggi Wants Revenge

Starring: Pierre, Luiggi
Luiggi was really pissed off at Pierre when he found out that he had Sex with his nephew. He told Pierre " just for starters I am going to fuck your ass and then i will see what other measures I am going to take". Watch Luiggi go at it. We love scenes with two guys in their sixties , older - older scenes are our favorites.



Starring: Ronald,Luiggi
Enjoy Luiggi's finest video. He has met a millionaire on daddylive and he says has retired from porn. We'll see how long that last. Even though he prefers younger guys, we convinced him to fuck a just divorced young daddy who loves to get fucked by older men. Enjoy the video with the Luiggi's seal.


Aphrodisiac Recipe

Starring: Luiggi,Chef Francis
Our friend Luiggi wants to open a restaurant now. He contacts a professional chef. He wants to the restaurant to have only aphrodisiac plates so he puts the chef to the test. Guess what happens? He fucks this chef and got new ideas for his new establishment.


Luiggi Jacks Off at a Daddy Live Session

Starring: Luiggi
Watch Daddy doing what he does best. Entertaining his fans with this hot jack off video he did to promote the live sessions with daddy he used to host. Watch the one and only Luiggi.


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