Too Big for Some, Not Me

$ 29.95

Photo Man

Starring: Marvin, Mario
Mario wants to do porn photography and get a job with a porn production crew. He knows he needs a lot of drive and determination to make it work. He hires a model to be his first model but things go sideways. He loves men and cock too much and could't resist Marvin’s charm and hot body.


Whisky a Go Go

Starring: Amilcar, Luiggi
Luiggi welcomes the new hire, he treats him very well at the office during his training period and he also invites him over for drinks at his house. Luiggi is all about making friends and make everybody feel welcome. After having several whiskys on the rocks, Luiggi picks up something about Amilcar and asks him : "You are very uninhibited, you like to party right?" After that Luiggi pushes forward and the new hire gets fucked in the ass.


Jay Fucks Max Giovanni

Starring: Jay Conrad, Max Giovanni
Giovanni was looking for action as soon as he got to Fort Lauderdale. He was in the mood to just kick back and relax until he met a gorgeous, hunky blond who make him change his plans right away. Daddy was up for a good fuck. Great scene to kick off the new year.


Too Big for Some, Not Me

Starring: Maximo, Toto
We all know that Maximo is XL all Daddies dream about taking that huge cock but very few can.That was the case of Sebastian a hot daddy bear who was hungry for Maximo’s big cock, but could not even take half his cock. So he called his friend Toto, an old grandpa with many big cock battles. He took it all in.


Tony DaRimma gets Fucked

Starring: Brett Bradley, Tony Da Rimma
Brat Bradly is hung like a horse. We have problems pairing him with guys that cannot take him but for Tony DaRima the biggest the better. Brat is sensational on this scene and delivers to Tony what he was looking for a great fuck.


Don Juan Solo

Starring: Don Juan
We love hairy older men that can still fuck and they can have instant hard ons. This daddy is slowly but surely getting confortable with guys and we have convinced him to to a video with a younger guy. For the time being you can watch the video he did for , you will find out that he has what it takes.


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