Training The Rookie

$ 29.95

Project in Progress

Starring: Clint, Frederick
We welcome back a very good friend of the site Clint. We are sure you will love Frederick topping Clint; A Daddy in his 70's fucking another in his 60's ! Yes we can dig that.


Training The Rookie

Starring: Marvin, Remo
The scene that many was waiting for is finally here :Marving tops Remos bareback. Remo comes for advice since he wants to be like Marvin, a very expensive, cream of the crop escort for celebrities.


Javier Tops Pino

Starring: Javier, Pino
Ahh! Javier is back, fellows. He is from now on in the G column, guys! His return video was with this really hung, young, Latin, oversexed cute boy who just loves cock.


Older Dads

Starring: Giovanni Rossi, Rex Sheerwood
Two older dads seriously going at it ,amazing!The fact that the were lovers in the past made the encounter much closer and intimate. Giovanni Rossi shines as a new face on the site, hairy passionate and intense.


If You Got It Big, Let Me Search It

Starring: Rafael Madera, Turhan
Younger guys who like older men are out of control. They want them top and with big cocks. Working for Turhan company has its fringe benefits.


Straight Most of the Time

Starring: Joaquin, Tony Mattone
Another "straight" daddy bites the dust. When we just asked him, have you ever fucked a guy.? He paused for a second and he said, I love to fuck guys especially if they have a hot ass.


Bonus Scene: The Insatiable Leo James

Starring: Roman,Leo James
This muscle daddy is always in need. Meet Roman, another guy who passed the very rigorous daddy test.


Bonus Scene: The Business Meeting Can Wait

Starring: Marion, Cecill
We are for a treat this month. A really hot couple, busty Cecil plays the horny wife of one of the most handsome daddies on the site. Do not miss this hot update.


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