Tying The Knot

$ 29.95

Tying the Knot

Starring: Aslan, Rocky Bear
Aslan and Rocky decided to get married. It looks like they want to take some the last shots as single men. Realizing the situation, they think our next fuck will be as married men. Let's have our last fuck as single men.


Sex Manual

Starring: Parker Boyd, Scott Reynolds
Another episode of one of most beloved daddies. This time he found his match. Gabriel fucks him like nobody did before and he loved it!


Booked on the Spot

Starring: Abdul, Don Diego, Killian
Don Diego was talking with a friend who likes to hire male escorts once or twice a month. While they were taking they heard that a young guy was closing a deal with a client. This is a very hot threeway scene!


Dealing directly with the chief

Starring: Anthony London
Mr. London used to be a porn actor but for several years now he runs his own successful porn production company. This Daddy can be a GQ model with a body to die for and he fucks like he means it.


Jake Mitchell Does New York

Starring: Drew Sumrok, Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchel lives in San Francisco and he is on a business trip to the big apple. NY is one of his favorite cities, he says" sex is written all over this city". Drew just loves daddies with big cocks.


Reverse Therapy

Starring: Joaquin, Pierre
Ana T, Joaquin's mother, takes him to a prominent psychologist, Pierre, to see if he can help control the boy's insatiable sex impulses. Pierre to relax a little himself, not stopping until they become completely involved in a very hot session of their own.


Bonus Scene: The Older I Get...

Starring: Cecill, Alvaro
Alvaro just turned 72 and there is not stopping having sex for this daddy, for him is all about recapturing lost youth, exuberance, energy and passion. You have seen him fucking younger guys, but definitely he goes crazy with Cecil.


Bonus Scene: Daddy Loves Sex on Board

Starring: Joan Manuel, Greta
Joan Manuel loves fucking his girlfriend's when he goes sailing on his boat, usually on weekends. He told us that he would love that we make a private film of him fucking on one of his sailings. We said of course!


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